Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn on your Koo Koo Macaw?
On the bottom of the crate, slide the DEMO OFF ON switch to ON. Press the button on the top of the crate just in front of the birds feet. Each tim e you press the button you will switch the Macaw to a new mode. He has 5 modes you can discover: Talk Mode, Talk Back mode, Song Mode, Dance Mode, Sleep mode.

How do you turn off your Koo Koo Macaw?
On the underside of the Koo Koo Macaw is a battery box. Move the switch from ON to OFF. 

What is DEMO mode?
DEMO mode is a presentation mode for stores to display the Koo Koo Pet in. Koo Koo Macaw ship with DEMO mode enabled and have a TRY ME tab to activate the batteries. Even if the tab has not been pulled, the batteries may be depleted. For best results it is suggested you replace these with new batteries. 

How do you change the batteries?
Adult supervision is required. Unscrew the battery hatch on the bottom of the pet. Install three AA batteries matching the polarity shown inside the battery compartment. Be sure the batteries are firmly seated. Replace the hatch and screw snug.

How to wake my Koo Koo Pet when it goes to sleep?
When left alone, your Macaw will close their eyes and start to snore! To wake your Koo Koo, press the button on the front of the crate again.

My Koo Koo Pet is not responding...
If your Macaw is not responding, turn it off and back on. If it is acting sluggish or has problems responding, you should check the batteries and replace them.

Download Koo Koo Macaw Instructions PDF

About Koo Koo Pets

Koo Koo Pets™  are responsive interactive toy pets made by Cepia LLC, manufacting under Blue Whale™, a privatley held company headquarted in St. Louis, MO. All Cepia LLC toys are sold globally through national chain retail outlets, online and independent toy stores.